Encourage your employees to reduce your company's CO2

Because every gesture counts, Jeasy helps employees reduce their carbon footprint
  • Boost your HR
  • Avoid administration
  • Optimize TAX
  • Tackle CO2 emission

Learn and discover how Jeasy is working ?

We detect your modes of transport automatically and we create your expense reports
  • Tax advantage
  • Incentif & Store Module
  • Gaming & internal Communication
  • Mobility auto-detection
  • Gifts for your employees
  • Tax setup & analysis
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    Download the App

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    Jump on your bike*

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    Get your EcoMiles in your Wallet & your auto expense report

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    Increase your salary & Go to the store

How does the Jeasy application work?

The Jeasy application enables you to earn Jeasy EcoMiles, directly linked to the CO2 savings generated when you use so-called “green” means of transport (public transport, cycling, walking, etc.) for your trips. These Jeasy EcoMiles are then redeemable for various unique benefits or gifts offered by Jeasy’s partners.

How do you know what transport mode I'm using ?

We are using the sensors of your mobile phone, your GPS location as well as our proprietary algorithm to detect the transport you are in.

Can I add manually a trip ?

No you cannot because this is the essence of Jeasy. By using our App we make sure you are really using a transport modality that is saving CO2.

Is my data private ?

At Jeasy we take data privacy very seriously. Users do not have to create an account when starting to use the app. We do however need an email address to process the request to redeem Jeasy EcoMiles.

Do you have access to my smart phone when I don’t use the Jeasy app?

No, the Jeasy app can only track a user when the user has proactively asked Jeasy to track his trip to generate Jeasy EcoMiles.