My trip is not correctly recorded.

What can I check ?

Jeasy needs to main type of data from your mobile phone to work properly: 

  • GPS Signal to follow you when you make a trip 
  • Motion & Fitness data to help detect what kind of mode of transport you are using. 

Therefore, the main reason why trips are not correctly recorded is due to a lake or a bad quality of the data received.

The following steps should be checked : 

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app.
  • It is much better to start and end your trip when you are outside of a building to make sure you still have a strong enough GPS signal. 
  • Your 4G must be enabled during the entire journey to make your trip recorded correctly. 

If this does not fix your issue, please check the following settings on your mobile phone:

iOS Devices

Step 1 : Settings > Privacy > Location Services ON

FAQ Q1 Step 1 EN

Step 2 : Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Everything ON (Fitness Tracking ON, Health ON and Jeasy ON)


Step 3 : Settings > Jeasy > Everything ON (Location on Always, Motion & Fitness ON, Background App Refresh ON, Mobile Data ON)


Android Devices

Step 1 : Settings > Location > ON


Step 2 : Settings > Apps > Jeasy > Permissions > Location on “Only while app is in use” & Physical activity “Allow”


Step 3 : Settings > App > Jeasy > Mobile Data > Allow background data usage ON & Allow data usage while Data saver ON


Step 4 : Settings > App > Jeasy > Battery > Allow background activity ON


If this does not solve your problem do not hesitate to contact us (Form

My trip is not correctly recorded.

What can I check ?

Jeasy is a brand new technology and we are still improving everyday. If for some reasons the way Jeasy has evaluated your trip is incorrect, it would be greatly appreciated that you share your trip ID as well as the trip description at the following form

By helping us to make Jeasy better, you help making the world a better place, one trip at a time.  

How EcoMiles are calculated ?

Understand the EcoMiles principles.

Jeasy has the ambition to change the world by supporting people to move in a more sustainable way. In fact anytime you move around by walk, bike or public transport you can record your trip and earn EcoMiles. 

We use for the moment the following rules to grant EcoMiles. Please note that this conversion rate is subject to be changed overtime.

Walk / Running

15 EcoMiles / 1 km

Bike / Step

6 EcoMiles / 1 km

Public Transport

1 EcoMile / 10 km

What modes of transport are supported ?

Here is the list of supported vehicles.

Our technology is currently able to evaluate automatically the following modes of transport :

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Bike / Electric Bike (if average speed is below 30km/h)
  • Public Transport (Bus, Tram, Train and Metro)
  • Car

The following modes of transport are currently not supported:

  • Kick Scooter (Manual or Electric)
  • Speed Pedelec Electric Bike
  • Electric Car

But do not forget that EcoMiles can be granted any time you are using of the supported vehicles. Whatever the reason of your trip (walk with friends, biking ride over the weekend, commute to go to work, …), you can earn EcoMiles.

How many gifts can I redeem per month ?

Is there any restriction ?

Jeasy wants to promote sustainable mobility that also means sustainable behaviors. We have the chance to have a series of company joining us and that are offering great rewards in exchange of sustainable behaviors.

For that reason and according to our “EcoMiles Policy” , only one Reward per Partner company can be redeemed per month per user ID. 

You can of course redeem more rewards per month but they have to be different. It is by the way a great opportunity to discover the full portfolio of available rewards.

All advantages we propose are great products that are really worth to be discovered.

How is my data stored ? Is my data private ?

Understand the key principles of Jeasy Data Privacy.

At Jeasy we take data privacy very seriously. Users do not have to create an account when starting to use the app. Once the App is installed on your smartphone, an automated anonymous ID is given to you. Jeasy therefore never knows who you are, what is your name or any other personal information.

The only moment when we will request a personal information is when you redeem a reward since we need to get the email address where we can send the reward.

Regarding the tracking of your trip, users have the full control. The Jeasy app can only track a user when he has proactively asked Jeasy to track his trip to generate Jeasy EcoMiles. No tracking is being performed in the background.

Do not hesitate to read our Data Privacy Policy to get more information on this topic.