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Frequently Asked Question

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How do you calculate the number of EcoMiles you get on a trip?

We apply a very simple rule:

1 EcoMiles : 0,01€

  • 1000 meter by foot gives you 15 EcoMiles
  • 1000 meter by bike gives you 6 EcoMiles
  • 10 000 meter by public transport gives you 1 EcoMiles

How does Jeasy calculate the CO2 savings?

The Jeasy app has a unique algorithm that can calculate the CO2 savings generated during a trip made at least partially with a means of transport other than the car.

When can I exchange Jeasy EcoMiles for rewards?

A user who has reached the necessary threshold to unlock access to the selected benefit or gift can redeem his Jeasy EcoMiles at any time.

Is there a max. number of Jeasy EcoMiles I can generate each month?

No, there is no limit to the number of Jeasy EcoMiles a user can generate each month.

Can I make a reservation for a benefit or gift?

No, users cannot book a benefit offered by one of our partners. The number of benefits or gifts is limited and the offer may vary at any time.

How do I exchange my Jeasy EcoMiles ?

To redeem your Jeasy EcoMiles, go to the “Gift Box” section and simply select the gift or benefit you want to unlock. Be sure to have a sufficient number of Jeasy EcoMiles for the desired benefit.

Do Jeasy EcoMiles expire?

No, Jeasy EcoMiles do not expire.