Earn more every month & pay less taxes

HR manager or director, your employees are looking for alternatives mobility benefits? Offer them flexible mileage fees, without increasing your employer’s costs.

Encourage and reward your employees to move around in a more sustainable way.

  • Allow your employees to create a Business Account with the Jeasy B2B App.
  • Every recorded trip could then be classified as personal or professional.
  • Get a detailed report of all professional trips of your employees that have generated CO2 savings.
  • Enable Flex Remuneration within your own organization.
  • Provide specific rewards and advantages for your employees within the Jeasy shop.
  • You’re offering more net salary at the same gross cost

All your professional trips count. Each one!

Every work-related trip is eligible for kilometer allowances to compensate its costs. They can help offset the current inflation effectively for all workers.

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Managing corporate mobility

Guide and Motivate your employees
  • Management plaform
  • Store Management
  • Ecomiles performance
  • Reporting
  • Automatique Expense Notice Dashboard
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