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Automatically record your trips

Jump on your bike*

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Increase your salary and/or receive gifts

Get your EcoMiles in your Wallet & your auto expense report.

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Encourage your employees to move around in a more sustainable way.

Employer point of you

Boost your HR

Mobilize your workforce to achieve green company goals

Avoid administration

Centralised digital solution automatically processing mobility expenses

Optimize TAX

Mobility analysis for tailor-made tax optimization

Tackle CO2 emission

Set forth with a transition to a more sustainable mobility policy

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All your professional trips count

Jeasy calculates and manages these declarations automatically for you. No more time lost on paperwork for your accounting or payroll purposes.
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The JEASY service is taken over by SWEEL SRL

The Jeasy service was acquired by Sweel SRL on February 1, 2023. We will continue to serve you better.